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I was recommended them by a friend.  I refuse to use them on the basis of the GLARING and UNFORGIVABLE apostrophe abuse on the front page:




Dartington Crystal

Oh dear.  Dartington – purveyors of highly expensive crystal glassware – have fallen afoul of the possessive apostrophe in ‘its’.  Or rather, the lack thereof. 

Once again for the cheap seats – its = belonging to it. It’s =  it is.



Step forward – Apostrophe!

Wonderfully ironic that a coffee chain named after a punctuation mark should get the usage of same so very, very wrong:


Many thanks to Pete for pointing this one out.


Step forward Shell, because this is a doozie.  If it didn’t have the logo, I’d have let this one slide as ‘non-professional’ but there it is – corporate branding = approbation.  revel in the misused ‘you’re and delight in the bonus spelling errors.



Hackney Council

Tut tut; a classic Greengrocers’ apostrophe.


Costa Coffee – a very big ‘well done’

Costa’s new ‘light’ version promises ‘Less caffeine, fewer calories’.  Bravo Costa Coffee.

Sittingbourne Council

Original story from the BBC here:


Oh dear.