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Tramshed Restaurant, Spitalfields

Ah, a classic greengrocer’s apostrophe.  Well done, Tramshed.


Multiple issues here – the erroneous apostrophe (which begs the question – single mum’s what?), the bizarre implication that single mums are pole dancers (seriously – wtf?), this is a horror show.  Gendered gifts; just say no.


Caffe Nero

So, given that ‘literally’ now means ‘figuratively’, as well as ‘literally’ (if you’re confused, read this ), am I to assume that ‘everyday’ now means ‘every day’, in addition to ‘everyday’?  Given the number of companies misusing it, you’d think so.

Once again, for the cheap seats – ‘everyday’, without a space, means ‘ordinary’ or ‘commonplace’.  It’s not a synonym for ‘daily’.  That’s expressed as two words; ‘every day’.

So, Caffe Nero, you’re essentially saying that your pastries are nothing special.


Beats headphones

So, whilst not an apostrophe error, this one’s a verb agreement failure.  However, since it’s (presumably) a direct quote from Dr. Dre, I suppose one could forgive it.  That said, it should say (sic), no?

Anyway, I’m not much of a forgiving type, so here it is:




Oh dear.


Yet another firm falling afoul of the inability to differentiate ‘every day’ and ‘everyday’. TV ad turned me on to the error, Google search confirms it:


Once again; ‘every day’ means exactly what you think.  ‘Everyday’ means ‘ordinary’ or ‘commonplace’.  Not sure that’s what DFS was going for.

mconcept kitchen/bathroom fitters

I was recommended them by a friend.  I refuse to use them on the basis of the GLARING and UNFORGIVABLE apostrophe abuse on the front page: