So, on the block today we have EAT, the sandwich chain.  No idea if these exist outside London, actually, but they are guilty of the ever-increasing scourge of confusing ‘everyday’ with ‘every day’.  Viz:

In case anyone reading is confused, ‘everyday’ means ‘ordinary’ or ‘commonplace’.  ‘Every day’ is what they wanted for their poster.  Shame.

Text of message sent to EAT:

There’s a poster in the window of your King Street EC2 branch (and presumably, therefore, in many other branches) which says:

Lovingly seasoned
simmered & stirred
in our own kitchen

Please note: ‘everyday’ means ‘commonplace’ or ‘ordinary’.  What your design team wanted was ‘every day’.  I’m quite staggered that a poster with such a clanging error on it could make it all the way to production and distribution without someone spotting it.

Wonder if we’ll get a response?

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