RBS Coutts

Jury’s out on this one; given that it’s Private Banking, logic would suggest that they *actually* meant ‘discreet’, but ‘discrete’ does work in this context.


What do you think?

  1. Hmmm… I’m inclined to think this one’s correct. When all’s said and done, an indiscreet bank wouldn’t get much custom from anyone. I think discretion’s a given in banking and what they’re pushing here is individual service.

    Mind you, that would then make them guilty of the sin of redundancy, since discrete and bespoke would mean pretty much the same thing in this context.

      • Mark Chapman
      • September 6th, 2011

      In fact discrete, bespoke, private and personal all cross over to some extent or another, which is quite an impressive achievement in 14 words.

      I tend to think they’ve got it wrong, as discretion is one of the big watchwords of private banking, and nothing else in the copy really implies it.

  2. ‘Discrete’ doesn’t mean acting with discretion. ‘Discrete’ means (among other things) ‘separate from’. To indicate discretion they want ‘discreet’, but – as you say – they’d still be guilty of tautology.

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