Magnum Ice Cream/Iris Worldwide

Email exchange between yours truly and Iris, the advertising bods who promote Magnum Ice Cream:

Me: ‘Is iris responsible for the current Magnum poster campaign running on the London Underground?’

Nicola (Relationship Marketing Manager, Europe) ‘Yes we are, that is our work.’ (Note the prideful tone.)

Me: ‘Thanks for the speedy response. I feel compelled to point out the punctuation error in the poster – the usage of “it’s” (meaning “it is”) instead of “its” (meaning “belonging to it”).  A basic error of that level is somewhat staggering given that you have, presumably, a reasonably complex design and approval process.

Yours in anticipation of improved English, etc.’


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    • BB London
    • August 19th, 2011

    I worked with Iris when I recruited for the media industries and I have to say that this arrogance and pride is just what I remember from them. Useless people in HR thinking they were a station above most global CEOs because they could wear their jeans to work.

    Now seeing that their massive global growth obviously didn’t consider grammar to be too much of a necessity when hiring those casual minds is just hilarious!

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